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Precise Digital Calipers Readouts

Are your Vernier Slide Calipers looking dated? Would you like a faster, more accurate way to take the same measurements? Or perhaps you or someone you know has an interest in DIY, woodwork or metalwork and you would like to give them a personalised gift?
With our high quality, well-built Digital Calipers you receive a precise digital readout to two decimal places for metric and three decimal places for inches. You can switch between the two by pressing the blue button on the front of the display, which is ideal for those of you who can only work with one, as well as converting one measurement into the other.
Simply press the red on/off button to activate the display and slide it across the 150 mm / 6 inch stainless steel ruler to take the measurement, which automatically appears in the electronic display. You can even screw the caliper in place to ensure absolute precision when marking these measurements and zero the display at any point along the slide.
Depth Gauge
Whether you need to take inside or outside measurements, these superb Digital Vernier Calipers will do the job meticulously. You can even measure depth, which when you take full advantage of the precise digital readout starting from 0.01mm, means these handy calipers can even be used to measure the tread of your tyres! Order yours today for precise digital readouts.