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Digital Calipers Online

Tresna has the instrument to meet your needs. Whether you are in the market for calipers, micrometers, indicators or any one of hundreds of measuring instrument, there is a Tresna instrument for you.  Tresna manufactures more than 200 product varieties with more than 1,000 kinds of range.  Also, be assured that we are a unique enterprise in China which produces special electronic digital measuring tools and instruments (non-standard) with the range of over 500mm.

Tresna is adaptable. In order to meet the different needs of our clients, we customize non-standard measuring tools for your needs. In order to solve some of the difficult measuring problems which some of our clients encounter, Tresna is able to personally customize an instrument or system for you.

Our main products are comprised of four categories which include,
Electronic digital caliper series (General and Special)
Electronic digital micrometer series
Electronic digital indicator series
Tester series along with other intelligent and digital precision instruments

The annual production capacity is 1,400,000 sets with over 80% of products manufactured being exported to more than 30 countries and regions. The occupation rate of China domestic market is above 50%.The output export and sales are rising by 30% each year.



Digital CaliperDigital Calipers MicrometerMicrometers
Vernier CaliperVernier Calipers Depth GaugeDepth Gauges
Dial CaliperDial Calipers Height GaugeHeight Gauges
Special CaliperSpecial Calipers Dial Caliper GagesDial Caliper Gages
Digital IndicatorDigital Indicators Dial IndicatorDial Indicators
Other IndicatorThickness Gages Other Measuring InstrumentOthers


Whether you are in the market for calipers, micrometers, indicators or any one of hundreds of measuring instruments, there is a Tresna Instrument to meet your needs. Click Here to Cutomize Yours..

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