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Customize Calipers Can’t find what you are looking for in our vast collection of thousands of measuring instruments and tools? Maybe you just need that special measuring tool with high precision design to improve the quality of your products and give you better results for your investment funds. Using a uniquely designed measuring instrument from Tresna can make your work perfect and give you increased customer satisfaction. Our strict adherence to quality procedures assures you of complete compliance to the standards that affect your industry.

Customized measuring instruments and custom-engineered quality systems from Tresna can help you to solve many of your manufacturing problems. Whether you are seeking a micrometer, a digital caliper, an IP67 waterproof digital caliper, a vernier caliper, a dial caliper, a depth gauge, a digital height gauge, an indicator or any other measuring instrument, be assured that Tresna can produce and design a unique creation to satisfy your needs.


2 Easy Steps To Customize Your Instrument

Step 1: Tell us what you need.
If you can't find suitable tools to accommodate your measuring demand, please Click Here to Leave Message to us. This should be including the information as below:

What types, quantity or accuracy of measuring tools you are going to make? Special calipers? Micrometers?...

And we will talk with you in 24 hours.

Step 2: Place your order
If special tools could be customized, we will give you a affordable price. You can send the payment by Credit Card, PayPal, West Union or Wire Transfer to place the order.
Normally, the order will be completed within 2 -10 days. And you will receive the order about 4-7 days later after ship.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do to help.



Q: How I present my design?
A: You can email us with the design drawing , or just send us a prototype of the object that you are going to take measuring.

Q: What is the minimum quantity to be purchased of the custom design instrument?
A: We do not have minimum quantity for the custom design order. But the more you order, the less you will be cost for each unit.

Q: How long can i get my customized instrument?
A: Normally, it will be spend about 2-10 days to customize a measuring tool. And about 4-7 days later the order will be delivered to customer. (But delivery time will be longer for large quantity orders)

Q: How I comunicate with your design team?
A: If you have any question about tools design and making, please contact with us by email Email. It will be the most convenience way for both of us to discuss and communicate.

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