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Master vernier calipers

This vernier caliper is the ultimate example of slide caliper design. It is more accurate, has the easiest reading vernier style, is stronger and is offered in much longer lengths than other slide calipers.
Readability Features
?Long 50-division vernier scales, made popular by Tresna. This feature permits just half as many bar graduations as conventional single-vernier tools.This widely-spaced graduations make possible easy reading to .001″or 0.02mm without requiring a magnifying glass.
?Flush fitting of the vernier scales to the main scale means that these are in the same plane, which eliminates parallax.Vernier scales are adjustable
?The open-face design of the slide allows both the inside and outside vernier scale on the same side, thus allowing both verniers to be read without turning the tool over
?Black lines and figures against the Tresna satin chrome finish make reading a pleasure, not an effort
?Screw-type sdjusting nut allows for line measuring adjustments
?Lock nut to hold measurements