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Q: How to Order Online ?

Four steps to order online:


Step 1: Select the piece you like.

Step 2: Click "Add to Cart ".
If you want to buy more, click "Continue Shopping"

Step 3: Ensure you put all you want into the shopping cart, Click "Checkout".

Step 4: Then proceed to make payment.
If paying by Credit Card, you are required to present credit card information and billing address onto our secure page through a click on "Agree and Continue " button.

If you use a PayPal account to make payment, you just enter email address, passwords and log into PayPal account.

*If your payment is successfully made, a Thank-you page will appear. Once payment is made, you will receive an email confirmation from us in 24 hours, then we will safely pack and ship your order, and email you the Checking NO.. You just wait for the package to arrive within 4-7 days.