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If there is Western Union Service in the area where you live, you can send us deposit by Western Union.

If your card is issued by a U.S. bank, then you have selection to use Western Union Online Money Transfer Service. visit, select the online option in the home page to make payment. This is easy and fast online money transfer service.

The information for Western Union Transfer is as below:
Receiver's First Name: Xin
Receiver's Last Name: Lan
City: Guilin
Country: China

After you send us the money, please send email tell us (1) the full name of the remitter, (2) sum of money, (3) details of your address, and also (4) the Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union.

Western Union is the fastest way to pay us. We can get your money in a couple of minutes after you send the money. So it is an ideal way for make payment.