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Vernier Micrometer

By adding a vernier to the micrometer, it is possible to read accurately to one ten-thousandth of an inch. The vernier markings are on the sleeve of the micrometer and are parallel to the thimble markings. There are 10 divisions on the vernier that occupy the same space as 9 divisions on the thimble. Since a thimble space is one thousandth of an inch, a vernier space is 1/10 of 9/1000 inch, or 9/10000 inch. It is 1/10000 inch less than a thimble space. Thus, as in the preceding explanation of verniers, it is possible to read the nearest ten-thousandth of an inch by reading the vernier digit whose marking coincides with a thimble marking.
In figure 6-6 (A), the last major division showing fully on the sleeve index is 3. The third minor division is the last mark clearly showing (0.075). The thimble division nearest and below the index is the 8 (0.008). The vernier marking that matches a thimble marking is the fourth (0.0004). Adding them all together, we have,