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Vernier Depth Gages

These are easy-to-use, very accurate depth gages. They are designed for measuring the depths of holes, slots, and recesses and for Inspecting jig, fixtures and die work. They are also ideal for measuring from a plane surface to toolmakers�buttons for locating center distances. Readings are in .001″and 0.02mm.
â—?Heads are hardened, ground and lapped
â—?Measuring blades are hardened and ground and have accurate and sharp machine divided graduations
�All English graduations read to .001″with the bar being graduated in .025�increments
â—?All metric graduations read to 0.02mm, with the bar being graduated in 0.5mm increments
â—?Screw type adjusting nut allows for fine measuring adjustment
â—?Slide lock nut to hold measurement position
â—?Vernier plates are adjustable