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Universal back-plunger dial indicators

The universal back-plunger dial indicators are the most versatile indicators available…and it is the “granddaddy?of them all. Over the years this tool has been improved by methods and meterials but the basic design is unchanged. The design is older than most of you and has withstood the test of time and beaten all challengers because it is:
?Accurate and reliable
?Simple to operate
?Rugged, with few moving parts
?Smooth in operattion
?Inexpensive—the best indicator value you can buy
While there is a need for indicators with finer graduations, such as our universal back-plunger
dial indicators ,these indicators with graduations to .001″and 0.02mm will handle by far the majority of jobs. Shank diameter is 1/4?6.3mm). Antimagnetic models are also available (inch reading).
For full use, the operator first chooses the proper contact from the three hardened contact points that come with each model. Then the contact should be brought against the work with enough pressure to give the hand one full turn. Set the hand at zero by rotating the dial with the knurled bezel. This provides one full rotation of the hand both to the right and left of zero, showing a rise or drop in the work and the amount and the amount of that ariation.