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Types of micrometer

Generally, there are three types of micrometers commonly used, the outside(External) micrometer caliper( including the screw thread micrometer), the inside (internal)micrometer, and the depth(depth) micrometer. The outside micrometer is used for measuring outside dimensions , such as the diameter of a piece of round stock. The screw thread micrometer is used to determine the pitch diameter of screws. The inside micrometer is used for measuring inside dimensions , as for example , the inside diameter of a tube or hole, the bore of a cylinder , or the width of a recess .The depth micrometer is used for measuring the depth of holes or recesses.
Other types of micrometers are:
·Blade micrometer
·Disc micrometer
·Tube micrometer
·Screw thread micrometer
·Taper micrometer