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Type of Vernier Caliper

1. Gear Tooth Vernier Calipers
2. Vernier Calipers with style jaws (with Fine Adjustment) (Mono-block Vernier)
3. Vernier calipers with Fine Adjustment(Open vernier)
4. Vernier calipers with Fine Adjustment(Mono-block vernier)
5. Vernier Calipers with Nib Style and Standard Jaws (with Fine Adjustment) (Mono –block Vernier)
6. Vernier Calipers (Half-Open Vernier)
7. Left-Hand Parallax-free Plane Vernier Calipers ( Mono-block Vernier)
8. Vernier Calipers ( Open Vernier)
9. Parallax-free Plane Vernier Calipers ( Open Vernier)
10. Carbide-tipped Jaw Type Vernier Calipers (Mono-Block Vernier)
11. Inside groove vernier calipers with flat points
12. Disc brake vernier calipers
13. Vernier Calipers with Nib Style and Standard Jaws (with Fine Adjustment)(Open vernier)
14. Vernier Calipers with Nib Style and Sharp Edged Jaws( with Fine Adjustment)( Mono-bock vernier)
15. Knife-Point Inside Groove Vernier Calipers( Open frame type)
16. Vernier Calipers with Nib Style Jaws (with Fine Adjustment)(Open Vernier)
17. Vernier Calipers with Nib Style Jaws( with Fine Adjustment)(Mono-block Vernier)
18. Mono-block Vernier Calipers with Thumb Lock
19. Parallax-free Plane Vernier Calipers (Mono-block Vernier)
20. Parallax Free Plane-Vernier Caliper
21. Vernier Calipers(Mono-block Vernier)