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Digital gear thickness gage

1. Being the precision measuring instrument, the digital gear thickness gage should be prevented from being clashed and dropping for fear of affecting its precision.
2. Keep the digital gear thickness gage clean; prevent any hydrous liquid from penetrating the protective sticker.
3. The surface of the digital indicator should be cleaned with pure alcohol. But never use organic solution such as acetone.
4. Never apply voltage (e.g engraving with an electric pen) on any part of the Digital Caliper for fear of damaging the circuit.
5. It is not allowed to recharge the battery and take it apart or make it short circuit when installing or removing it. The circuit begins to memorize accidentally when digits become fixed in time of changing the battery. To solve it, one should take out the battery and put it in again after one minute.
6. Take out the battery from the digital gear thickness gage if it is not for use for a lone time.
7. Do not take apart the digital gear thickness gage.
Technical specifications
Resolution:0.01 mm
Power: one button cell 1.55v
Measuring speed: ?.5m/s
Working temperature: 0?40°C
Relative humidity:<80%
Storage temperature: -10°C + 60 °C
1. Zero Setting Button---ZERO setting at any position.
2. On/Off button---Press this button to switch on or off the power.
3. Inch/mm Conversion---Metric/Inch system conversion at any position.
4. Data Output---With data output interface,data can be input to a special printer or a computer via special cable for data processing and printing.
Working way of the interface: synchronous series
Data: Binary code, 24 bits. Each datum will be sent twice. The cycle is 300ms(20ms in fast reading mode). Transmitting time is 0.5ms. Four wires (from left to right): Negative Power-, Clock Pluse CP, Data D, Positive Power (+).
Pluse Range of Data: Datum Level?.2V,Level ?″≥1.3V
Clock Pluse CP: 90 KHz, effective for high electronical level.
1. Startup: Press On/Off button to switch on the power; Press Inch/mm conversion button to choose inch and mm.
2. Zero Setting:When faces of the gear thickness gage are put in contact, press Zero button, the LCD display screen shows ?0.00? move the depth caliper of gear thickness gage, press Zero setting button, the LCD display screen showed ?0.00?
3. Measurement:Use the digital gear thickness gage to measure as per the left drawing, first make the orientation using depth caliper of gear thickness gage on the depth ″ha? then measure the actual thickness of ″S″using two jaws of thickness caliper of gear thickness.(Note: Remember not to hit the carbide tipped measuring face of thickness caliper of gear thickness gage).
Abnoramal display (digits flashing or even no display) shows a flat battery and it should be replaced. Take off the cover in the direction shown by the arrow and replace the battery with a new one. If the battery bought from market does not work satisfactorily (The power may wear down because of the long-term storage of the battery’s automatic discharge etc.), please do not hesitate to contact the supplier
Note: 1. The positive pole of the battery must face out.
2. Please preset the starting point of measurement again after the battery replacement.
Troubles Possible Causes Solutions
Flashing digits Low voltage Replace the button cell
No Display 1. Low voltage
2. Poor contact 1. Replace the button cell
2. Adjust and clean the battery seat
Fixed digits Accidental trouble in circuit Take out the battery and put it back after one minute