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Traceable® Digital Calipers

Traceable Calipers can take length, diameter measurements in three ways—outside, inside, and depth. Specially, ther are designed for the lab and the digital display models can measure to 8-inches (200mm). At the touch of a button units switch from inches to millimeters. Below are the features of the traceable digital calipers:

Strictly speaking, they will zero at any position. No matter jaws are at any position the zero button can instantly sets unit to zero. This permits setting a Floating Zero?or reference point to read "greater than or less than results with a minus sign displayed" without calculations. Ergonomic design precision calipers are the best measuring instruments for measuring the outside diameter of stoppers, the inside diameter of tubing, and the depth of vials. Depth bar extends from the end of caliper. Fine adjustment thumb roller improves reading speeds and position-holding lock screw sets length. Easy-to-read jumbo digital display is 1/3-inch-high.

Traceable to NIST for accuracy
The ultra-smooth slide bar does not required nay lubrication. Runs on the supplied battery for 10,000 hours. Made of durable acid resistant, durable hardened stainless-steel or strong composite carbon fiber. Traceable® Certificate is provided from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA to assure accuracy . At the same time, an individually serial-numbered It indicates traceability to standards provided by NIST.