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Tips of reading the vernier calipers

Typically, you can use the vernier calipers to measure the size of an object to a precision of 0.05�.1 millimetre.The details of how to use the calipers may differ from other ones. For instance, some vernier calipers have both a scale calibrated in millimetres and in inches; while some have only a single scale, but the principle of operation is the same. Examine to see how a vernier caliper can be used to measure various dimensions. We must notice that how it has inside and outside jaws to measure inside and outside dimensions of an object. We also need to note the depth bar, which is used to take depth measurements.
There is a scale similar to the one on the vernier caliper. The top scale, called the main scale, which is fixed and has calibration marks spaced at even one millimetre intervals.The bottom scale, called the vernier scale, which moves with the jaws of the caliper and it is divided into twenty evenly spaced intervals.
Reading the scale, firstly, you have to observe where the 0 mark on the vernier scale is positioned relative to the main scale.This is the indicator for the main scale reading.It usually falls between two main scale calibration marks. If the zero on the vernier scale is between the 52 and the 53 millimetre marks on the main scale.The main scale reading will be 52 millimetres. Secondly, you need to decide which one of the vernier scale marks comes closest to lining up exactly with one of the main scale calibration marks. However, sometimes this can be a little difficult because more than one seems to line up.You should use your best judgment here. This indicates the vernier scale reading.The numbers on this scale represent tenths of millimetres and the scale can be read to the nearest 0.05 mm.The 6.5 mark lines up exactly with a main scale calibration mark above it.Then the vernier scale reading is 0.65 mm. Finally, determine the caliper reading by adding the vernier scale and the main scale reading. And the final scale reading is 52.65 mm.