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The Design Features of Electronic Digital Calipers

Another extension of scale reading is used in the electronic digital caliper. These battery-operated devices not only count the distance traveled by the movable jaw and display the count on a digital readout, but they also provide ports for computer cables, so that the data can easily be used in statistical process control (SPC).
Because the digital display makes the instrument even easier to read, electronic digital calipers are very useful for less-experienced users. Their greatest benefit, however, is the computer connection. You can set the measurement system to the other.
Electronic digital calipers use a floating zero, which allows you to make any point within the scale range the reference, setting it to zero. The digital readout then displays either minus or plus deviations in the jaw movement, so you do not have to do calculations, which inherently and error.
Also, electronic digital calipers provide calibration, including the user’s gaging force for measurement. In the limit mode, the instrument automatically warns when any measurement is above or below the tolerance; in the peak mode, the instrument recalls from memory the maximum and minimum measurements in a series.
Finally, electronic digital calipers allow you to directly connect with other electronic devices. You can directly print a record of measurements if you are connected to a printer, or you can interface with a computer for (SPC) data collection.