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Special indicator backs

Backs with adjustable mounting bracket
For use with gages and gaging fixtures where an adjustable indicator mounting is required. A dovetail with rack and pinion adjustment provide 1 1/8�28mm) indicator travel. A 1/8″hex wrench is used to adjust and lock the indicator in final position. The bracket has two counterbored mounting holes (for 1/4�socket head screws), and the back has four screw holes so the indicator back can be rotated.
Universal Backs
Featuring a universal ball joint attached to the end of a gooseneck shank, these attachments make it possible to position an AGD indicator can be rotated 360°and angularly up to 90°and locked in the desired position by tightening a single knurlled nut. Straight shank is 3/8�9.5mm)in diameter.
Magnetic Backs
These magnetic backs provide a quick and easy means of attaching any Tresna AGD indicator to flat, ferrous metal surface. A real timesaver for machine, jig and fixture set up. Requires no clamps, rods or snugs. A special 5/16�24 threaded stud back is provided to replace the standard lug back. The powerful, permanent magnet is then attached to the threaded stud. Anti-magnetic indicators are not required.