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Slip gauges

Slip gauges are blocks of steel that have been hardened and stabilized by heat treatment. They are ground and lapped to size to very high standards of accuracy and surface finish. They are the most accurate standards of length available for use in workshops. The accuracy and finish is so high that two or more slip gauges may be wrung together. The method of wringing slip gauges together is shown as followings. When correctly cleaned and wrung together, the individual slip gauges adhere to each other by molecular attraction and , if left like this for too long, a partial cold weld will take place. If this is allowed to occur, the gauging surface will be irreparably after use, the gauges should be separated carefully by sliding them apart . They should then be cleaned, smeared with petroleum jelly (vaseline) and returned to their case.
In addition, some sets also contain protector slips that are 2.50mm thick and are made from a hard, wear resistant material such as tungsten carbide. These are added to the ends of the slip gauge stack to protect the other gauge blocks from wear. Allowance must be made of the thickness of the protector slips when they are used.
Slip gauges are wrung together to give a stack of the required dimension. In order to achieve the maximum accuracy the following precautions must be preserved.
�Use the minimum number of blocks.
�Wipe the measuring faces clean using a soft clean chamois leather.
�Wring the individual blocks together.
Slip gauges come in various grades—workshop, inspection and standards room—and their accuracy and cost increase accordingly. They may be used directly for checking the width of slots. They may also be used in conjunction with a DTI for measuring heights and they may also be used for setting comparators .

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