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Reading a metric outside micrometer

The metric micrometer is read similar to the inch-graduated micrometer, except the graduations are expressed in the metric system of measurement. Readings are obtained as follows:
â—?Each number on the sleeve of the micrometer represents 5 millimeters (mm) or 0.005 meter (m).
â—?Each of the 10 equal spaces between each number, with index lines alternating above and below the horizontal line, represents 0.5mm or five-tenths of a mm.. One revolution of the thimble changes the reading one space on the sleeve scale or 0.5 mm.
�The beveled edge of the thimble is divided into 50 equal divisions with every fifth line numbered: 0, 5, 10,�5. Since one complete revolution of the thimble advances the spindle 0.5mm, each graduation on the thimble is equal to one hundredth of a millimeter.
â—?As with the inch-graduated micrometer, the three separate readings are added together to obtain the total reading.