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Digital Calipers On sale - IP67 Waterproof Digital Calipers

IP67 Waterproof Digital Calipers
Promotion : IP 67 Waterproof Digital Calipers


* New Independent Intellectual Property Conductive Sensor and Measuring System

* Conform to IP67 and can be used in cutting liquid conditions

This is the highest level of "waterproof" currently available. It means that you can shoot a jet of water at the calipers from any direction for several minutes without compromising the function of the calipers. Obviously, it doesn't mean you can measure under the full force of a fire hydrant for weeks on end. It's not going to work. But in the kind of environment where there's mist in the air, such as measuring piscine dimensions aboard a fishing vessel, or machined parts soaked in coolants, this is the ideal tool.

Digital calipers with an IP67 ingress protection rating. This allows the calipers to be used in the harsh workshop environment where cutting lubricant is heavily used. The jaws and slide beam are made from hardened stainless.

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