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II Type Cutting-tool Present Adjustment Instrument , Series:Q27 FEATURES
II Type Cutting-tool Present Adjustment Instrument * With good external, it can be used in workshop * It adopts native high-precision optical grid scales for measuring system * X and Z coordinate all adopt high-precision line guide * Rotating spindle with locker. Tool shank adopts vacuum clamping * Big-size LCD display with back illumination with clear display * Display unit can show metric or imperial .Also with radius/diameter switch. Can measure the radius, diameter and angle of cutting-tools. The projection radius. And the distance the distance of two points on the Z-axis. * Multi-step control menu which can show users how to operate * Display controller has functions of timing without-operation auto power off * Display controller has multi-language (Chinese. Italian English. French. German. Spanish etc) * Capable of compensation for linear error of optical grid system * Calibration values of the test bar can be stored and will show calibration values stored after aiming the check point * Capable of setting 8 connector numbers or sizes of sank modular. Of storing sizes of cutting tools for 999pcs. Of sitting the numbers of machine tools for 1-20 sets. Each machine tool can obtain average quantity of cutting tools. * The Max. can set absolute zero and relative zero * Can connect with printers through conversion

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