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Precautions of using dial calipers

?Maintenance & Cleaning
Before use, thoroughly remove oil, dust and dirt from the entire surface of the dial caliper.Be sure not to damage the measuring and reference faces.
?Zero Ponit Confirmation
Before taking a measurement, clean and close the jaws and check that the dial needle points to ? ″on the dial face.
?During Use
Properly close the caliper on the workpiece. Do not allow dirt, chips, etc., to enter the rack. Otherwise, the rack and pinion could be seriously damage, resulting in reduced accuracy and improper zero adjustment.

Setting zero
?Clean both measuring faces of jaws (D) and close caliper to see if the needle points to ? ″on the dial face.
?If caliper does not zero, loosen the bezel clamp screw (B) and rotate the bezel to the ? ″position.
?Tighten the bezel clamp screw (B) to fix the ? ″position.

?Inches (1?and tenth inch (.1?measurements can be read on the main scale.
?Thousandths (.001? may be read on the dial gage.
?One revolution equals .001?
Main Scale .800?br /> Dial indicator .037?br /> Total Value .837