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Master vernier height gages

The master vernier height gages is the ultimate in height gage desing and is the experienced craftsman’s friend. It is a rugged and reliable tool that gives precise and dependable measurements over long ranges. This tool is accurate , has the easiest reading vernier style , is stronger, and is offered in greater ranges than other height gages.
Readability Features
?Long,50-division vernier scales made popular by Tresna. This feature permits just half as many bar graduations as conventional single vernier tools.These widely spaced graduations make possible easy reading to .001″or 0.02mm without needing a magnifying glass
?Flush fitting of the vernier scales to the main scale means that these are in the same plane, which elimates parallax. Vernier scales are adjustable.
?Black lines and figures against Tresna satin chrome finish make reading a pleasure, not an effort
?The scriber and base are designed for direct reading from zero (bottom of base)
Ease-of-Handling Features
?Quick-adjust release on the slide allows for fast positioning
?Extremely fine adjustments are achieved by a knob located on the base, thereby isolating the column and slide from external pressures
?Additional remote fine adjustment located on top of the bar for sizes 36?900mm) and larger-convenient feature when working in hogher ranges
?Special master bar design and weight of the base eliminates vibration-especially helpful with fully extended scribers
?Master bars on models up to 24″and 600mm are hardened and stabilized
?Base is hardened, ground, and lapped square with the bar and has finger grooves to provide ease of movement
?The vernier bar is positioned near the center of the base for balance and stability
?Versatile tool will scribe lines,mount dial indicators or electronic probes, and accept depth attachments
?The auxiliary scriber is a circular carbide scriber-cuts sharp, clean lines smoothly-rotatable for wear a Tresna original