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Long-joint transfer type calipers with fine-adjustment

The Long-joint transfer type calipers with fine-adjustment is one of the handiest and most versatile calipers for many years. A transfer arm, fine-adjustment screw, and locking joint are the three key features of the Long-joint transfer type calipers with fine-adjustment.
With the transfer arm, you can transfer measurements from the inside of chambered cavities, over flanges and other places where it is necessary to move the legs after they have been set to size. You can also simply lock the joint, loosen the transfer arm binding nut and swing the leg out or in to clear the obstruction. Then move it back against the transfer arm stop and the exact size can then be transferred to a ruler or gage.
You can take close adjustments for fine measurements with the adjusting screw. The final adjustment is made by a few turns of the knurled adjusting nut after the legs have been set to approximate size and the joint locked.
The joint can be quickly and firmly locked by a partial turn of the large knurled disc. When the joint is loosen, a spring washer under the disc maintains proper tension of the legs .
The legs are made from a high-grades steel and are well-shaped. They are ruggedly constructed and nicely finished.The sizes listed are the length of the legs. Their actual measuring capacity is about one-third greater than the size of the legs.