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Knowledge about Vernier caliper

In toolroom, die-making, model-making, and similar applications , vernier calipers are very important though they are the simplest of vernier measuring instruments. The vernier calipers can take long measurement which ranges from 6 to 8 in. and they are very economical. Additionally, one pair of verneir calipers can substitute for cannot replace them.

Vernier calipers are slide calipers which have a vernier scale on it. We need a fine adjustment and a means for a zero setting as the vernier increases its discrimination to 0.02 mm (1 mil, 0.001 in.). Some instruments are graduated on one side for inside measurement and on the other side for outside measurement for convenience. Most of the vernier calipers attached with thin nibs for small inside measurement.

You can make reliable measurements with the vernier caliper, however, it is not always easy for you to do this. The reason why is a fundamental of all highly reliable measurement. It has to do with alignment. Vernier calipers illuminate clearly how many problems bad alignment can creat.