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IP67 Water Proof 150mm (6") Digital Calipers

At present, the IP67 Water Proof Digital Calipers is the highest level of "waterproof" currently available. Namely, you can shoot a jet of water at the calipers from any direction for several minutes without compromising the function of the calipers. Apparently, it doesn't mean you can measure under the full force of a fire hydrant for weeks on end. It won’t work. However, the IP67 Water Proof Digital Caliper is the ideal tool to be used if in the environment where there's mist in the air, such as measuring piscine dimensions aboard a fishing vessel, or machined parts soaked in coolants. The remmarkable advantage of the IP67 Water Proof Digital Calipers is that there are no batteries needed for it's solar operated.

150mm (6") Digital calipers with an IP67 ingress protection rating so that they can be used in the harsh workshop environment where cutting lubricant is heavily used. The construction materials of the jaws and slide beam are hardened stainless. The main body with the LCD display is housed in a cast metal body with a metal button while the battery is located behind a sealed panel secured with two screws (screw driver included) on the body.
The calipers have single button operation, switch on the calipers by pressing the button once. Press the button again to zero the display. If you want to change between metric and imperial display, you can just press and hold the button for two seconds . Besides, automatic power off after 5 minutes, and the precision ground measuring faces allow for outside, inside, depth and step measurements.
Included with the calipers: Plastic storage case, Spare battery and Instructions. Below are the features of the the IP67 Water Proof Digital Calipers.
Measuring Range: 0-150mm (6 inch)
Resolution: 0.01mm (0.0005")
Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
LCD Display: 7mm character height
Battery: 3V CR2032
Working Temperature: 0 ~ +40C