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Indicator Testers

With direct reading capability to .0001�or 0.002mm, these gages provide a rapid means for calibrating both AGD and dial test indicators for linearity and repeatability through ranges up to 1″or 25 mm. This tester design is unlike others because it can be swung to any position between vertical and horizontal by loosening a large hand knob which fastens the gage assembly to the base.
In addition, the micrometer head can be turned on its axis and its scale positioned to suit the operators’s convenience by loosening a single set screw.Tensioned locking screws prevent tipping of both the gage assembly and the indicator holding clamp during set-up and adjustment.
The micrometer head is super-precision head with reverse reading capability. An indicator mounting attachment holds dovetail mount indicators, AGD indicators with 3/8�9.5mm)stems and indicators with a holder that has a 3/16�4.7mm) shank. Unit also has a fine adjustment to zero the indicator.