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Indicating micrometer

The indicating micrometer combines flexibility of range with the high resolution and consistent gaging force of a dial indicator. The lower anvil of an indicating micrometer is actually the sensitive contact of a built-in indicator that provides readings clearly and quickly, with no vernier to read. Like the standard micrometer, you can adjust the spindle to the size needed and obtain a consistent gaging force when the dial indicator is set to zero using a master. Then the spindle is locked into position. A retraction lever makes it easy to position the part for measurement and helps reduce wear on the contacts. Now the measuring tool begins to function like a gage, making measurements in a comparative mode.
With this one gage an experienced operator can quickly set up the measurement process. Once the gage is locked in place, the indicating micrometer applies identical gaging pressure for each measurement, regardless of the force applied by the user. An indicating micrometer is perfect for medium-run, high-tolerance parts.