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How to use the harpenden skinfold caliper?

Care and use
a) You must ensure that your calipers are clean and open freely and smoothly. Remember to clean the caliper before and after use on a test subject all the time.
b) Open the Calipers to approx 2Omm and allow to close several times.
c) Check for repeatability of the zero reading within one division (0.2mm).
d) Do not open shut the calipers rapidly or allow the calipers to snap shut. This can cause damage to the Indicator mechanism.
e) When taking measurements, do not allow the calipers to snap shut onto the test subject,as this could cause discomfort.
Setting the calipers
a) To re-set the Dial Indicator to zero, rotate the Bezel to the appropriate position.
b) The Calipers are now ready for use.
c) To calibrate the Harpenden Skinfold Calipers frequently.