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How to Use Calipers?

Calipers can measure a distance or length much more accurately than a ruler or tape measure. To get the most out of calipers, it helps to use them correctly. The steps of using calipers as follows.
1?If using digital calipers, turn them on.
2?Select inches or millimeters, according to your preference.
3?Close the caliper jaws gently but completely. Zero the calipers.
4?Place the large jaws of the calipers around the outside of an object to measure its thickness.
5?Use the small jaws on the back side of the calipers to measure an internal feature.
6?Use the extension of the tip on the bottom of the calipers to measure the depth of an internal feature, such as a hole or counterbore.
Measure a step by placing the tops of the two sliding halves against the upper and lower surfaces.
Your calipers are a delicate instrument. Always handle them gently and store them in their case. Turn them off before storing them, so that the batteries don't run out.
?Make sure that you are measuring the right thing, and that you are holding the calipers straight.
●With digital calipers, you can measure the difference between two objects as follows.
?Measure the first object.
?With the jaws open to this measurement, zero the calipers.
?Measure the second object. The reading shown will be the difference between the two dimensions.
?The machined points on a caliper may be fairly sharp. Handle them accordingly.