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How to read a Hi-precision micrometer ?

The high-precision micrometer is accurate within .00005″throughout the range.
(1) Using the micrometer conventionally, bring the measuring faces up snug to the piece being measured, and then “load”the micrometer by continuing to rotate the red graduated thimble through ten of its divisions.(There are four equally spaced red reading lines on the .0001″reading sleeve and four sets of numbered red graduations on the .0001″thimble reading zero to nine.This allow you to read the .0001″graduation no matter what position the micrometer is held.
(2) Hold this “load”position and now observe the black .001″graduations on the inner thimble in relation to the reading line on the sleeve. Slowly let the red graduated thimble return until the first black thimble graduation aligns with the black reading line on the sleeve. Now hold this position with the black graduations aligned.
(3) At this piont the black graduations will be your .001″reading and you can then take the .0001″reading directly from the red graduated thimble as it lines up to the red reading lines at any one of the four positions, and add it to the .001″reading.
Caution: Do not force the red graduated thimble if you feel it hit the stop. Also, do not at any time let the red graduated thimble snap back from its “loaded?position. Damage could occour due to either circumstance.