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How to Choose the Right Digital Calipers ?

Nowadays, Electronic Digital Calipers has become more and more popular. The reason is that they have more valuable advantages than the old types ---mechanical versions. They are easier to use, more accurate, and multifunctional. They have more beautifu appearance with the different slider covers & sensor-slip covers. But among the thousands of digital calipes in the catalog, how to choose the right tool for your work? Below are some useful tips on how to choose the right tools.

Application Environment
The normal electronic digital calipers use capacitator sensor which malfunction in a humid environment (relative humidity above 80%) or in contact with water & other liquids. If this is the case, the Digital Calipers with waterproof capabilities (level up to IP65, IP67) will preform perfectly. Bear in mind that if the working environment’s humidity is lower than 80% and no splashing liquids is concerned, while low level waterproof Electronic Digital Calipers like IP54 models can do the trick, with a price slightly higher than the normal calipers to achieve a higher value for money ratio.

Accuracy requirement
The resolution of most electronic digital calipers�is 0.01mm. You may choose the Hi-Precision Digital calipers from Tresnainstrument with a resolution of 0.005mm or 0.001mm with a higher accuracy if your request is higher than that.

Functions & Features
In application, Electronic digital calipers are divided into General-Purpose Calipers (GP Calipers) and Special Calipers. Improved GP Calipers are another type of digital calipers between these two categories. GP Calipers do not give accurate data, decrease the efficiency, and wear off easily when applied in special measuring job (like inside groove measuring). It is better to consider opting for the special calipers. When purchasing calipers, you should inform the dealer (if you buy from a local dealer) or the manufacturer (if you buy from a producer) the application environment. For example, highly repeated application of the GP Calipers to hole measuring will wear off the measuring faces, resulting in low accuracy. You can avoid this by specifying the work environment when the order is made with the manufacturer. With some extra penny or even with the same cost, some technical work in the factory will prolong the life of the tool tremendously. Calipers made with additional processing is called Improved GP Calipers and usually include but not limited to:

Carbide-tipped Measuring Face---Prolong the life of the faces
Insulator Measuring Face---used for the electric environment like measuring button cells.
Magnetic free calipers---made of non-magnetic materials and applied for magnetic environment;
Coated-body Calipers---the sliding faces coated with wear resistant materials;
Special Calipers include but not limited to:
Groove-Measuring Digital Calipers;
Gear Tooth Measuring Digital Calipers;
Thread Pitch Diameter Measuring Digital Calipers (Internal & External);
Key-slot Measuring Digital Calipers;
Saw-blade tooth Measuring digital Calipers (enhanced accuracy);
Center Distance Measuring Digital Calipers;
Pipe Thickness Measuring Digital Calipers;
Broad Measuring Face Digital Calipers (for measuring wire rope & soft materials like Sponge and Foam Plastic.
Flange Calipers: For diameters of large work piece’s flange, equipped with multiple display device.

Enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
Other Special Calipers include but is not limited to measuring of holes of various sizes, big diameters, radius of cone-shaped work pieces, taper hole’s diameters and the such. Besides the above-mentioned, Tresnainstrument manufactures tailor-made measuring tools for a very specific measuring environment. When placing an order, clients should provide a drawn picture of the articles to be measured with related specifications. Sometimes a sample piece should be provided to avoid misunderstanding.

Display functions
Basic functions: Power On/Off (Power off: auto or manual), Metric/ English conversion, Zero-setting

Optional functions:
Data Hold: By pressing the button, any measured data could be locked;
Allowance set: for setting upper and lower limits with indication of OK or over;
Max Value Tracing: only the Max value is displayed, good for hole measuring;
Min Value Tracing: only the Min value is displayed, good for spindle measuring;