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Electronic height gages

The electronic height gage is a full featured, versatile and economic solution for most height measurrment applications.
All measuring information from these tools can be entered directly into Data Collection Systems for analysis, data collection and hard copy documentation. They are available in 0-12″and 0-24″ranges.
Readability and control features
?Clear bar graduations in .100″and 5mm increments
?Large,easy-to-read LCD display reads to .0005″or 0.10mm
?Instant inch-millieter conversion
?Carrier and scriber designed to read from zero
?“Hold”control feature retains a reading at any position
?Plus or minus indication allows reading in proper direction
?Ability to set ZERO at any position
?Manual on\off plus a built-in automatic
Full function action features
?Large positive action keypad
?Easy keyboard control by use of the SHIFT button
?Ability to retain and return to the ture zero reading at any position
?Preset button to install any reading at any position
?Output jack allows data transmission, either through a cable or by connecting to a Data Collection Systems end node
?The output jack allows data transmission to the following peripherals for analysis, data collection and hard copy documentation