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China Earthquake

May 13 -- As of 7 p.m. Tuesday, southwestern Sichuan Province of China has reported 12,012 death in Monday's quake. Another 9,404 were buried in debris, 7,841 were missing and 26,206 people were injured in other parts of the country after the 7.8-magnitude quake struck at 14:28 local time (0628 GMT).

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News About China Earthquake

‘No Hope�for Children Buried in Earthquake

Powerful Quake Ravages China, Killing Thousands

Greek FM expresses condolences to Chinese gov't for quake victims

Spain's royal family expresses condolences to Chinese quake victims

EU expresses sympathy to China over earthquake

UN General Assembly president expresses sympathy to China quake victims

Balkan leaders send condolences to China

IOC offers support to China after earthquake

Chinese FM, UN chief hold telephone talks over massive earthquake

German chancellor offers condolences to China over earthquake

World leaders, int'l organizations offer condolences to quake-hit China

·HKSAR gov't offers help to mainland earthquake-stricken areas

Isolated China quake epicenter appeals for emergency aid

Chinese disaster relief troops approaching earthquake epicenter on foot

Premier Wen arrives in Chengdu, heading for epicenter

China issues regulation to better manage disaster relief donation

President Hu orders utmost effort for Sichuan quake victims

Chinese health ministry sends 10 medical teams to quake-hit areas

Premier Wen appeals for "calm, confidence, efficiency" after quake

China Red Cross allocates relief supplies to quake victims

China initiates disaster relief emergency plan for Sichuan quake

Medical, military quake relief team mobilizing to leave Beijing

China seismological bureau to send team for Sichuan relief work

China sends troops to quake-hit county for disaster relief