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Decimal-inch vernier caliper

The basic parts of a vernier caliper are a main scale, which is similar to a steel rule with a fixed jaw, and a sliding jaw with a vernier scale. The vernier scale slides parallel to the main scale and provides a degree of precision to 0.001� Calipers are available in a wide range of lengths with different types of jaws and scaled graduations. A vernier caliper, which is commonly used in machine shops is as follow.
The main scale is divided into inches and the inches are divided into 10 divisions each equal to 0.1 � The 0.1 ″divisions are divided into 4 parts each equal to 0.025� The vernier scale consist of 25 divisions.
A vernier scale has 25 divisions in a length equal to a length on the main scale that has 24 divisions. The difference between a main scale division and a vernier division is fo 0.025�or 0.001�