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Datasure wireless data collection of digital calipers

What is datasure wireless data collection system? Datasure wireless data collection systems consist of three primary elements.The first one is miniature radios (called End Nodes) that are attached to the data output ports of electronic tools.The second one is a gateway that connects to a PC. And the last one is routers that extend the system’s range and make the radio network more robust. However, why go wireless? The reason is that a wireless data collection system can largely reduce human error in data recording. It removes wiring-related placement, installation, safety and cost issues. And it makes it easier for you to bring a precision measuring tool to the work, rather than having to bring work to the measuring tool.
The advantage of the datasure wireless data collection system is that it offers a complete, robust solution ,while other wireless data collection systems are not available. Firstly, datasure maintains data integrity for accurate recording. The safe delivery of your data is ensured even in the hostile environment of electronically noisly shops, thanks to proprietary Tresna technology. Secondly, datasure sends a signal to assure you that data is received at the PC. Each measurement is time-stamped and logged into a database. Datasure sends a signal to assure you that data is received at the PC. There is no reason to wonder what happens to you data-the systems sends a confirmation signal when it is successfully received. Moreover, if receipt is not acknowledged at the host SPC system, Datasure will store up to 10 readings and resend them until they are safely recorded. With Datasure, there is no need to worry about losing an entire shift’s worth of collected data. Besides, Datasure adapts to all major brands of electronic measuring tools and a variety of software and tools so you don’t have to invest in proprietary technology. What is more important is that it installs easily on a standard PC (requires Windows XP Professional OS), and work with most SPC software packages. Last but not least, Datasure’s versatility means it will work in almost any environment. Its highly configurable system architecture adapts to your work environment. Each Datasure system supports up to 256 tools and can be remotely accessed via your intranet connection.