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Customary vernier calipers and height gages

Digital calipers and height gages are widely used. Measurements are read directly on a five-digi LCD readout display with instant inch/millimeter conversion.
Vernier calipers and height gages have been largely replaced by digital instruments. However, many conventional (non-digital) customary vernier calipers and height gages that have been used for years are still in use. Therefore, these customary measuring instruments are retained in the present-day society, but metric vernier calipers and height gages have been eliminated.
Decimal-inch vernier calipers are used in machine shop applications when the degree of precision to thousandths of an inch is adequate. They are used for measuring lengths of parts, distances between holes, and both inside and outside diameters of cylinders.
Vernier height gages are widely used on surface plates and on machine tables. The height gage with an indicator attachment is used for checking locations of surfaces and holes. The height gage with a scriber attachment is used to mark reference lines, locations, and stock allowances on castings and forgings.