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Combination steel rule depth and angle gages

This depth gage has an added feature permitting its use as a protractor for measuring angles. It is a simple, handy tool that is a welcome addition to any machinist’s toolbox.
â—?The head is graduated both left and right to 30,45,and 60 degree. The rule can be set to any of these angles by swinging the rule until the line on the turret coincides with the desired angle
�Head is made of hardened steel, ground, and nicely polished-25/8�66mm) long and 1/8�3mm) wide
â—?One side of the base is cut out to permit easier and more accurate readings
â—?The center of the head is recessed so that the tool will lay flat to permit more accurate measurements
â—?A tempered rule that has been accurately machined divided, is smoothly fitted to the head and can be locked in pisition by a knurled nut