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Caliper Applications

Usually, caliper measurements give some idea about the mechanical condition of a well or borehole, including dramatic representations of formation washouts and swelling clays. The following is just a sampling of caliper applications:
1. Determination of cement volumes for well construction or plugging / plugback purposes.s
2. Determination of gravel volumes for gravel pack jobs.
3. Determination of optimal locations to seat packers (as in well testing).
4. Determination of optimal directional drilling kick-off points.
5. Determination of optimal perforation points.
6. Evaluation of scale build up.
7. Evaluation of well shots (high explosives shots and propellant shots).
8. Evaluation of acid jobs in open hole (before and after surveys).
9. Evaluation of hole conditions prior to fishing.
10. Location of parted or collapsed casing.
11. Location of liners and casing size reductions.
12. Correction of various flow profile logs (and many open hole logs).
13. Demonstration of bit gauge compliance.
It is arguable that a caliper should always be run as part of a logging suite.