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Caliper advancements

The dial caliper resembles and is used in much the same way as the traditional vernier caliper. However, the dial caliper is equipped with a dial indicator in place of a vernier scale. The dial version of the caliper is more easily read than the vernier type. As much, measurement reading errors are minimized and speed of use is increased.
More recently, the caliper has entered the electronic age with the introduction of the digital caliper. The digital caliper again resembles the traditional universal vernier caliper. However, this newest caliper type has no line graduated measuring scale. The reading is electronically generated and digitally displayed. This digital technology also has been adapted to other common caliper types, such as the large universal caliper and the depth caliper.The digital caliper, powered by a standard 1.5 volt silver-oxide button battery, offers several advantages over the traditional vernier and newer dial calipers. These advantages include the following: (a) the measurement is read in a single step, (b) a zero setting from any measuring position is possible,(c) English unit/metric changeover takes places with the touch of a button, and (d ) the electronic tying of the digital caliper to a minicomputer or microcomputer for purposes of data collection and statistical evalustion is also possible.