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Bench micrometers

Bench micrometers can substantially improve the precision of micrometer measurements. Particularly when the objects to be measured are small. The stable position of the instrument during the measurements permits a more precise locating of the work and the heavy base adds to the rigidity of the instrument. Bench micrometers are usually equipped with both large-diameter spindles and thimbles, permitting a finer pitch thread for higher sensitivity, and direct reading in ten-thousandths , or smaller.
Micrometer heads without a frame as an integral part have wide applications in the instrument building field. One of the more frequent uses is the controlled displacement of slides, either single or cross slide . Commonly, the micrometer will move the slide against a moderate spring pressure, which is applied to assure a positive contact between the micrometer spindle face and the contact point on the slide face. Springs exerting a uniform force along the entire slide traverse are preferred.