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Accuracy Checks of Vernier CalipersÔÇ?Manipulative Error

Incorrect manipulation during measurement is the most inportant reason for unreliable vernier caliper readings. In these situations, you have to check or calibrate your instruments frequently in order to ensure that instrument defects do not lead to additional errors. You need to check for jaw wear. Firstly, close the jaws tightly. Then hold the caliper toward a light source. Finally, look through the crack between the legs.
In general, you will be able to see a gap as small as 2.5╬╝m(0.00010 in.) when the crack is squarely in your line of sight. The calipers are in good shape if you do not see light.
Do you know how much light can you see between the jaws of a caliper before they should be reparied? It recommends that you should return the caliper to the manufacture for repair when the wear exceeds 5╬╝m (0.0002 in.). However, it is important that how do you identify a gap that is 5╬╝m (0.0002 in.) wide? Fortunately, you can measure wear in other ways , such as optical flats which provide a quick and easy check. Practically, you should check the light gap periodically. Furthermore, you can consult with an experienced gage maker if you suspect wear. The effect of wear change with the use of the calipers; typical wear pattens are exaggerated so that they are easier to see .

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