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The Basic Operation Steps for Using the Digital Calipers

1, Cleanning the surface of the digital calipers with a dry and clean cloth, and make sure every measuring dimensions clear.

2, Loosing the bolt, moving the caliper, checking the situation of the displays and all the buttons.

3, Setting the measuring point.Generally speaking, the absolute zero point is the position when the two jaws touch lightly.

4, Relative measurement

In general, according to a standard dimension, measure the differences between the other item and the standard dimension. Pressing ABS/zero buttons once can get the absolute value of the measured item according to the zero point. Pressing ABS/zero buttons twice, the original value is cleared and display the new relative zero point. Enhancing the accuracy of the measurement, it is meant to adopt the differential measurement, which is the same as the most closes accurate measurement by the ways of relative measuring.