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How to Avoid the Value Disordering of Digital Calipers?

 A lot of users complain that the digital calipers are not durable, and may break down for only several days. It is broken since digital calipers are stained with the sweat, oil and cutting compound. Hereby, it disturbs transmitting signal coming out of the sensors. In this case, the digital calipers are not broken it just fails to function temperately in fact.

The methods to solve this problem as below´╝?

  Using a clump of cotton dipped with alcohol, clean the scale stickers of the digital calipers then changing another clump of cotton. Dripping a drop of alcohol on the scale stickers, and pulling it back and forth. Then screwing the clump of cotton lightly, and wiping again and again.

Attention´╝ÜDo not drip any alcohol into the electronic part.