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Tresna’s new type of digital calipers

Tresna’s new type of digital calipers provide an IP65* level of protection against foreign matter in hostile shop environments. They are coolant and water resistant and offer excellent protection against chips, dirt, dust and other contaminants. The extra large LCD (character height .310? makes the new type of digital calipers exceptionally easy to read. All tresna’s new models also include an output port for RS322 equipped devices.
While there are other IP65 electronic calipers available, only the new type of digital caliper is a tresna the tool of choice for the most experienced toolmakers and machinists when the measurements are most critical.
?Large, easy-to-read LCD display
?IP65* level of protection against coolant, water,dirt and dust.
?Induction type linear encoder system
?Hardened stainless ssteel measuring surface for long life
?Depth rod attachment available for all sizes to more accurately seat the tool
?Fine adjustment
?Lock to hold the slide in position
?Resolution is .0005?0.01mm)
?Inch/mm conversion
?Zero at any position
?Manual on/of, plus an automatic off after four hours of non-use
?Output data to Tresna SPC plus hardwear and softwear and to PC’s