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Examples for reading the vernier calipers

How to read the vernier calipers? Depends on the type.
1. Direct read out dial type.
2. Direct read out digital type.
3. Old fashion type with vernier scal, this needs interpretation.
If you have the 3Rd one that the least count is printed on it, the least is usualy .001 or .0005, in case of inch type.
When measuring any thing you read the main scale like any ruller, say it read 1.23 but zero on the vernier is between 3 and 4, so now look at the vernier and the main scale there are as a rule 10 divisions on this scale one of the 10 will always line up with the marking on the mainscale. Say this one is 8th on the vernier scal if you count starting with zero on the vernier scale.So your reading is 1.238.
PLease read the owners manual that come with this instrument it will explain the theory behind this arrangement but most important it will give few example of the read out. At the same time it will let youknow how to read it just in case I have left out some details.
If you are buying one then get the one with digtal read out, the chances of mistake is completely eleminated, you just read the numbers, in the above case you will read 1.238.
PLease note they are made for metric and British system so buy the the one that you need, if you need both then buy both, if the money is the issue buy any one and use it but make sure you convert the answer to the correct system.
It has two sets of prongs, the large one is used for outside measurments, the small one is used for inside measurments. The inside measurement need correction and it is printed on the instrument, again depends on the Instrument that you have. Even digital may need this correction so read the manual.